Miniatures companies:

Damn, Kevin White's figures are just so cute and er, perky :-) ...I'm rapidly developing an unhealthy fondness for his gorgeous little ladies.

Beautiful figures and collectors sets based on the fantasy artwork of Larry Elmore and Keith Parkinson. Great stuff.

Andy Foster's multi-part monsters and minions. Great stuff!

Classic D&D inspired miniatures

Miniature Heroes is UK-based reseller of OOP miniatures and brand new Games Workshop and Mannequin miniatures.

Websites, forums, model gurus etc:

Cheddarmongers - the image-host partner of the Custom Hobby Forum. Drop by and check out how cheesy we really are!

Homepage of the talented paintrix Irene Turner, AKA Zordana. Drop by her forums, or better yet join up. Some very creative & slightly insane folk hang out there... Tell 'em Outlaw sent you...

Vast. Bigger than a big thing. Lots of useful info to be found here. Did I mention it was vast?

Stolen from their site intro: "A place for people to chill out and relax without being upset by idiots spouting off..." Good description, great forum.

Non-Miniatures Friends of Custom Hobby

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